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Urban Oriental Cuisine in Nottingham



If you’re looking for a new place to eat oriental style in Nottingham, you need to try Chao Chao. It’s an urban oriental takeaway restaurant in West Bridgford, offering green and sustainable ways to enjoy takeaway food.

They are based on Melton Road in West Brigdford and you can either sit in on their few high tables in the restaurant, order to takeaway and pick it up or get it delivered. 

The menu choice is huge, and there’s something for everyone. It covers a variety of cuisines including Chinese, Thai and Malaysian. You can get small plates, starters, mains and sides and the portion sizes are generous. 

Green initiatives 

Chao Chao are introducing green initiatives into the way they produce food and present it to their customers. They get all their food from a factory providing ingredients from sustainable sources, and they don’t use machines to make their products. More importantly, they flavour their food without the use of MSG. 

All of their food is presented in cardboard packaging, including cardboard cups, which is wholly recyclable. They also use biodegradable plastic cutlery. The sizes of the boxes they give the food out in are very generous, especially when you compare it to the shallow plastic takeaway tubs you’re used too!

Chao Chao Menu

We were very kindly gifted an entire meal for two and we had so much yummy food we couldn’t eat it all! We got: 

Prawn Sesame Toast which has proper prawns in and tasted much healthier than your usual! 

Gun powder Fried Chicken (hot Asian style southern fried chicken served with a hot sauce and crushed peanuts) so tasty and it has a bit of a kick to it!

China Town Salt and Pepper Chicken (crispy fried chicken tossed with spring onions, fresh red chilli and ground black pepper) which was delicious

Bao Buns with BBQ Pork Belly (I don’t eat pork, Jay had these but says they were very good)

Katsu Curry with Chicken and Rice (coated in crispy panko breadcrumbs, covered in an aromatic curry sauce served with sticky white rice) which was so tasty

Malaysian Street Food Curry (a traditional Malaysian curry with lemon grass, curry leaves, coconut milk served with sticky jasmine rice) which tasted just like the curries we had in a very local and remote area of Malaysia!

We had SO much food we had to take some of it home, but it was all so delicious and fresh and felt so much healthier than a traditional Chinese takeaway as it wasn’t greasy or heavy (there was just a lot of it!)

Prices at Chao Chao

Price wise it’s very reasonable considering it’s all good stuff going inside, and the fact they use more expensive environmentally friendly methods to serve it in. It’s not massively more expensive than your typical takeaway, and the methods they use are the way forward for the restaurants in my opinion. They also do daily offers so you can get a good deal on most days.

When we were there the manager took the time to chat with us about the restaurant and how it started and it was such a lovely touch for him to take the time to introduce the restaurant and their values before letting us enjoy a yummy dinner. 

You can check out their menu here. If you’re in or around the West Bridgford area I would highly recommend trying here for your next takeaway. If you’re not, then watch this space as they are looking to expand very soon! 

Thank you very much to Chao Chao for having us for a lovely meal.

Thanks so much for reading! 

Full credit to Sophie In Wonderland xo; make sure to check out her other blogs and reviews