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Chao Chao Review


Chao Chao is an oriental takeaway in West Bridgford, aiming to become the freshest, cleanest and greenest Southeast Asian takeaway you find out there in the market. I headed down last week to see what was on offer at this vibrant fast food restaurant.

he place is incredibly fresh with a street food feel as soon as you walk in. They use local produce and no MSG, whilst also trying to be as environmentally friendly as possible. All cutlery is plastic free and they are looking to change the plastic lids on some of the take out cartons asap too. Fast food with a conscience?

The menu is varied, also catering to the vegan and gluten free market with offerings such as veg & tofu dynamite kung pao and Katsu veggie curry. There are separate menus so you don’t even have to look out for the symbols on the full menu.

The drinks are great value, the Asahi beer I drank being £2! Great start to a really competitively priced menu. Small bottles of wine are £2.50 and a bottle of Prosecco is only £3.50.

Sticky Char Sui Ribs – Deliciously tender pork ribs covered in a sticky sweet glaze and sesame seeds. Delightfully messy and a great starter.

Cantonese veg spring rolls – I love spring rolls and these filled to the brim with mushroom, carrot and bean sprouts are full of flavour and a great accompaniment to dinner.

Togarashi crispy seaweed – Seaweed is one of my favourite things to order from the Chinese. I love the salty sweetness and the crunch. This is made from crispy fried kale with a Japanese seasoning and is fantastic.

Chinatown salt and pepper -We had the crispy fried squid covered in spring onion, red chilli and pepper. I love squid and this was perfectly cooked, tender chunks of squid. They also offer tofu, chicken, prawn and pork cooked in the same way.

Korean sticky chicken wings – Another really messy dish but a bloody lovely one at that! The Korean BBQ sauce had a lovely kick to it and it got EVERYWHERE!

Katsu chicken curry – One of my favourite dishes to eat in general, this was lovely. The sauce was more fragrant and floral than I have tried before and it was mouthwateringly good. There was a good deal of chicken too and it was piping hot and super crispy, just the way I like it.

Malaysian street food curry – This was packed full of lemongrass and coconut giving a deliciously fragrant taste to the chicken, served with sticky rice and lots of veggies.

All the food I tried was delicious, and its annoying that they only deliver a couple of miles from West Bridgford. My house in Carrington falls outside of their catchment area at the moment but I hope to god this changes. I will definitely be back though to try more of the menu, specifically the steamed buns which are a firm favourite for me.

Full credit to Will Flirt For Food; make sure to check out other blogs and reviews on this site