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Cost of living crisis? Here is how we are taking actions for You:

Actions we are taking to make your takeaways more enjoyable!



Here at Chao Chao we are committed to making our services more accessible to everyone, especially during this time of financial strain. To that end, we have increased our portion sizes while simultaneously decreasing our prices. We understand the cost of living has become prohibitive for many people, so we want to ensure everyone can take advantage of our service! We care about our customers and want to give everyone a chance to enjoy the Chao Chao experience!


Introducing new and improved ways to save money on the go!

Make the most of our loyalty points system, by earning £1 for every £20 spent. Maximize your rewards on each purchase and start to collect your points today!

Create an account on our website: www.chaochao.co.uk or download our Chao Chao app to gain access to exclusive offers and promotions!

We will NEVER compromise on quality so we have developed a selection of special discounts and offers to help you maximize your savings. Take advantage of our deals to get the most value for your money!


Early Bird Discount: Early bird gets the worm!

 10% off when you place your order between 4pm and 6pm on Fridays and Saturdays. Offer now available for deliveries as well for collections. Use the code earlybird.


Meat free Monday:

Our takeaway menu is designed with variety in mind so that our customers have plenty of options available. Enjoy the strong variety of our vegan menu for less on Mondays with our meat free Monday discount. Use the code VEGAN10.


Blue Light Card Discount: For Those Who Are Always There For Us!

We value those who continuously serve their communities and show bravery in times of need – we have a 15% daily discount available, applicable for both collection and delivery. Use the code bluelight.

Our deals are catered to all ensuring that you are spending your money in the right places giving you more for less!

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Mini Feast deal (1 small plate + 2 mains £25): The perfect deal for two!

We know how hard it can be when looking for something to eat when ordering takeaway but still wanting the same quality of a restaurant. Which is why we bring the experience to you for just £25 this is an offer you don’t want to miss!


Family Feast deal (2 small plate + 4 mains £50): The perfect deal for your loved ones!

Ordering for a group is far from easy! It can be very stressful and complicated when deciding on what the best things are to order whilst still getting good value for money which is why we have taken that stress away from you with our family feat deal! We offer you a premium experience whilst still getting good value for money! We get it and we understand.