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Could you be a flexitarian?

Why are more and more restaurants offering more vegan options? What's vegan on our menu?


Flexitarian: A person who eats a diet of a reduced amount of meat and dairy, although they do not cut it out of their diet completely. This is a trend which has really taken off in 2022 and has become more of a lifestyle for most people. Chao Chao is always looking for ways to become a more sustainable brand by offering a wide variety of vegan and vegetarian friendly dishes.


What do we have to offer?

We have whole separate menu dedicated to our delicious vegan dishes. We have chefs working in the background who create our tasty dishes, they also make sure we have a large variety of vegan options and even make slight twists on some dishes from out main menu to make a vegan version!  If you want to know about each dish we offer then keep on reading...


If you're after a starter to get your taste buds going then why not try our top selling Bang Bang Cauliflower (comes with our incredible signature chao chao dipping sauce) *chefs kiss*  

Also on our small plates menus is, Vegan Bao Buns (our expert chefs have created the most delicious Asian inspired vegan patty for these, its also paired with our chao chao sauce and shredded cucumber & spring onion! We have vegetable Gyozas, Cantonese Spring Rolls and our Katsu Aranchini. Our Katsu Arancini is a fusion dish where we have taken the Japanese Katsu Curry flavour and added into the warm gooey Italian arancini rice ball, if you haven't already then you need to try these! 


A few favourite mains... one of our most popular dishes is our tofu donburi, if you've tried it its not hard to figure out why. Our tofu donburi is a comforting rice bowl dish which consists of rice, vegetables, protein and a sauce, so this dish is not only vegan but also a filling healthier option.(double wammy). We have our traditional sweet and sour, made with veggies and tofu for those looking for a more traditional Chinese option, our Katsu Curry served with tofu, edamame beans and rice and our latest edition to the menu... sweet chilli bang bang cauliflower loaded fries which has been super popular since launching this dish in March! (What a Sunday night treat)


Most of our sides come as vegan options available on our vegan menu, top tip (why not order our skin on fries and dip them in our vegan chao chao sauce if you like a little bit of spice!) Of course our chao mein and veg fried rice are a great side dish made with mixed veggies. 


And finally... if you fancy a little sweet treat then why not try our soft vegan Doughnotts doughnuts!? 


So there you go, if you, like many others are wanting to reduce the amount of meat / dairy you eat then we have a jam packed menu for you!


At Chao Chao we value our customers and their opinions, so let us know what you think!