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Why you should try our steamed Cod Curry


We like to keep the environment at heart which is why we have changed some of the proteins on our menu to a more sustainable source…


Introducing our steamed cod curries: Malaysian, Indonesian yellow curry, katsu and Thai green curry.


Our sustainably-sourced, wild-caught Cod is a tasty nutrient-dense meal that adds more variety to our menu and provides you with more choice of proteins.

We are always looking at ways to cut down our carbon footprint so not only does our steamed cod curries add another healthy option to choose from, it also offers you a choice of protein that has a significantly lower carbon footprint than other land-based animals like beef or pork.


There are also a lot of health benefits from eating cod. For example, Cod can provide you with lots of lean protein and is full off healthy Omega 3 fatty acids and B vitamins which is essential for overall health.